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ONE(1) Platform to AUTOMATE

  • New Customers through Leads and Marketing
  • Customer Service on your website or through social media
  • Easy Sync with your Inventory

Easily integrate Pupsai with Everything

“Pupsai – More Customers, More Sales. We Revolutionize Commerce.”

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Connect with all your apps!

More Customers, More Help

99% Uptime

Pupsai sells your products and services anywhere, anytime. Product recommendations right where your customers need it.

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Increased Customer Response Time

Your virtual assistant will provide 24/7 customer care through popular social media platforms, websites and other channels.

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Generate Marketing Campaigns

With our automated marketing, schedule and share your marketing campaigns effortlessly at any time, across multiple platforms. Also view your progress with our integrated reports.

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Automate your Customer Service Online

  • Connect your Pupsai Virtual Assistant to any Social Media Account (including Facebook and Twitter) and your assistant will respond to queries in your Inbox
  • Add your Pupsai Virtual Assistant as a chat widget on your website
  • Get all your conversations in one place
  • Choose between FULLY/PARTIALLY/NON- AUTOMATED responses.

Generate and Schedule Product Campaigns

  • Sync Pupsai with your inventory from our 2000+ integrations
  • Sync Pupsai with your Shopify/Woocommerce Store
  • Generate and Schedule Product Campaigns with 1-Click
  • Schedule your own Marketing Content
  • Use Organic Ads that Links back to offers for products/services

About us

AI powered


We know that with a growing business, you’ll need more help.

Pupsai is a tried and tested artificial intelligence (AI) solution that was engineered by researchers and professionals in the field, along with frequent updates and on-going support. All of this solution is made possible through AI powered Virtual Assistants working 24/7 through the right sales channels.

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Best solutions for you

Pupsai easily integrates with your business and has the ability to manage itself, then reports statistical information to you.

We allow both the traditional businessmen handling cash only, and the social media influencers, to easily capture the trillion dollar online market.

Pupsai sells on websites or through social media messaging. Faster responses when your customers need them, and a fast learner who can be supervised.

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E-Commerce Website

We provide websites that have all the services required to fuel, drive and analyse your online sales.

Inventory Management

Whether you have a physical store with lots of inventory or an online store, we provide integrations to streamline your process with little to no overhead.

Point of Sale

Our solution integrates with your existing workflow. We’ll be in sync with your existing inventory, and will never falsely advertise a product that is out of stock.

Mobile Applications

We have existing mobile apps for your workflow. Our team will customize any additional operations.

Automate Sales, Marketing and Customer Service on your Social Media Accounts!

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IGonics Limited
5 Park Avenue,
Kingston 5,
Jamaica. W.I.

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+1876 413 9809
[email protected]

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Trusted from our clients

We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

“After 15 years with our local business, transitioning online with social media sales was difficult. Pupsai automated orders, customer service and marketing. We needed this to grow!

~ Overil Reid-Morris

Managing Director

Trusted from our clients

We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Easily achieve these benefits with your Pupsai Virtual Assistant !


Affordable pricing

Choose a plan that works for your team and simply purchase additional features as you need them



All Basic Package +

  • 15 Generate Campaign
  • 15 Add Facebook Campaign Platform
  • 15 Schedule Facebook Campaign
  • 15 Schedule Twitter Campaign
  • 15 Add Form Or Request Process Question
  • 3 Add Form Or Request Process
  • 3 Add Twitter Message Channel
  • 3 Add Twitter Campaign Platform
  • 3 Schedule Twitter Campaign



All Premium Package +

  • 50 Add Campaign
  • 50 Add Facebook Campaign Platform
  • 50 Schedule Facebook Campaign
  • 50 Schedule Twitter Campaign
  • 50 Add Form Or Request Process Question
  • 15 Add Form Or Request Process
  • 15 Add Twitter Message Channel
  • 15 Add Twitter Campaign Platform

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